Capsules Textidream à Westfield Euralille

In an interstellar setting, some high-performance textiles used for spacewalks are highlighted here.
On loan from La Cité de l’Espace (FR), the SOKOL-KV2 spacesuit, a replica of the one carried by Thomas Pesquet to the International Space Station for the Proxima mission in 2017, protects the astronaut during the active phases of Soyuz flight (takeoff, rendezvous, return to Earth). It ensures survival in case of depressurization. 
This «scratched» model of the European ARIANE 5 launcher, lent by CNES (FR) makes it possible to recall the missions.

An electric laboratory on the theme of light and textile comes to life in this capsule to the rhythm of a choreography of luminous pulsations that bring to life the Lux dress created by the famous fashion house On Aura Tout Vu (FR).
A dress with moon reflections accompanied by a fun little monster highlights the French know-how of haute-couture and new technologies in collaboration with French companies.

An imaginary landscape in the form of a spiral towards infinity presents two prototypes in bio-based flax composite, made by the company MDI Prod (FR) in partnership with Van Robaeys (FR): Green’Air and AirLight.
The cart dedicated to golf or tourist complexes Green’Air is a prototype being marketed incorporating innovations both in terms of a compressed air engine and a linen composite body.