About futurotextiles


Another recurring theme of lille3000: multiple visions of the future and the avant-garde. At the heart of this theme we find the FUTUROTEXTILES exhibition, which, since 2006, has travelled the world in various forms that reflect the rich diversity of new textiles. In 2015, a brand new version called Textifood was devised, focusing on micro-organisms derived from the agri-food industry used to develop textile materials. After premiering at Milan Expo it is currently touring internationally. Today, a fifth edition entitled Textidream / Futurotextiles 5 is being prepared for Expo Dubai 2020 where it will feature in the French Pavilion in Autumn 2021.


In becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2004 (Lille 2004), Lille and its region profoundly changed the way people looked at the city and an entire territory. It made for an exceptional year, from which strong images endure, such as the Opening Celebration drawing a crowd of 750,000, the Parallel Worlds or the countless Metamorphoses, but it has also had a durable legacy in the form of the Maisons Folie.

Buoyed by this wonderful creative energy and extraordinary public enthusiasm, we wished to keep the adventure going through lille3000, to continue exploring the cultures and complexities of our world while looking to contemporary art, innovation and the future.

A dynamic approach of inviting important collections was inaugurated in 2007 with the Pinault Collection (Passage of Time), followed in 2009 by the Saatchi Gallery (The Silk Road), in 2011 by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques (Collector), in 2013 by the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery to celebrate its 25th anniversary (Happy Birthday, Galerie Perrotin 25 years), in 2014 with an exhibition dedicated to eighteen private Flemish collectors (Secret Passions) and most recently on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Centre Pompidou (Performance!).

From Lille Bombaysers in 2006 to Eldorado in 2019, lille3000’s major thematic editions have attracted thousands of visitors and presented hundreds of works and artists. lille3000 has also programmed a series of major contemporary art exhibitions in an exceptional Lille venue: the Tripostal.

These exhibitions bring together the biggest names on the international scene alongside emerging artists, while also telling the stories of the invited collectors and confronting us with the questions and indignation they feel in relation to humankind and the state of the world.

While anticipating 2022 and the preparation of its sixth edition entitled UTOPIA, lille3000 is pursuing and building on this momentum, drawing more and more people together in 2021 for new events at the Tripostal including the Colors, etc. project, in partnership with Design Museum Gent, and the Young Colors exhibition, but also at the Gare Saint Sauveur where every weekend convivial experiences await the whole family.