© Aaron Castillo

Futurotextiles at Expo 2020 Dubai

Since 2006, the four Futurotextiles exhibitions, curated by Caroline David, have showcased the wealth of innovative and smart textiles being created in our region of Hauts-de-France. They have been exhibited in eighteen countries and at two world expos. At the invitation of the French Pavilion, lille3000 has designed a new edition of the Futurotextiles exhibition for the World Expo in Dubai, which will open its doors on
1 October 2021.

Textidream, Futurotextiles 5 will be presented in seven capsules, designed as moving tableaux, designed by Georgi Stanishev. Each of the capsules (Mobility, Aroma, Lux, Bioman, Aquatic, Éole and Lux) will display the latest textile innovations of French excellence produced by companies and designers in the Hauts‑de-France Region and the Lille Eurodistrict. Luminous lace, fibre optic hangings and trimmings, perfumed and microencapsulated organza, a compressed air vehicle with flax composite bodywork, a motorised exoskeleton, customised prostheses made of basalt composite and bio-sourced resin, and a vibrant feather dress are among the contents of the capsules.

The entire Textidream, Futurotextiles 5 exhibition, including its production, adheres to the sustainable development objectives set by the UN. This is the stated ambition of the French Pavilion. Mobility, light, health, new energies and bio-sourced materials illustrate the research and development behind these unique pieces and prototypes. 37 companies and designers, mainly from the Lille metropolitan area and the Hauts de France region, are participating in these creations.

The capsules will be exhibited on the esplanade of the French Pavilion. A 2,000 sqm shaded and tree-covered area designed as a place to relax and welcome the public. They will transform this esplanade into a unique experience for visitors before discovering the Pavilion.A virtual tour of Textidream will be available worldwide from the opening.