Several high-performance textiles are showcased in an interstellar setting, including:

The SOKOL-KV2 spacesuit, a replica of the one worn by Thomas Pesquet on his way to the International Space Station for the Proxima mission in 2017, designed to protect the astronaut during the active phases of the Soyuz flight (take-off, rendezvous, return to Earth). It ensures survival in the event of depressurisation.

Its outer layer is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibre. The second layer, made of nylon 6 (or capron), renders the suit watertight. Made in one piece, it incorporates a pressure gauge to check the pressure inside the suit, as well as several hoses to ensure the circulation of water internally. A communication cable is used to connect headphones and microphones.

The European ARIANE 5 launcher, which can break free from the Earth’s gravity in a few seconds and carry satellites or interplanetary probes. In particular, it incorporates multi-layer thermal insulation blankets, known as MLI (Multi-Layer Insulation), including double-sided aluminised Mylar, separated by polyester netting, with the evocative name of “bridal veil” or with fibreglass fabric, whose role is to avoid thermal contact by conduction.


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THE SOKOL SPACESUIT is a safety suit to protect the astronaut in case of the accidental depressurisation of the spacecraft. It is worn during the active and dangerous phases of the outward and return journey. It remains aboard the capsule until the astronaut’s return.